Vintage Falcon Ware Lizard Large Jug


Vintage Falcon Ware Lizard Large Jug

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Vintage Falcon Ware Lizard Large Jug featuring a gilt lizard wrapped around the jug becoming the handle. Printed stamp on base “Falcon Ware, Made in England”. Item is in good condition, free from cracks and chips however this item is badly crazed as well having some gilt wear which does not show up in the photographs very well. Please see photographs and individual Additional Dimensions.

Additional information


Length (approx): 61cm
Width (approx): 46cm
Height (approx): 46cm


Falcon Ware


Ceramic, China, Earthenware, Porcelain, Pottery

Object Type

Large Jug



Additional Dimensions

Jug measurements approx. Length 20cm. Width 19cm. Height 24cm.


Good – Preloved/Used


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